A 9 day Morocco private tour : immersive and off the beaten track.

Lost Kingdoms ( 8 - 10 days)

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For local encounters and experiences, it doesn’t get any better: Morocco at its most untouched.

This 9 day Morocco tour leaves Marrakech over the High Atlas , reaches the Sahara to then take you deep south into a mystical land where not many visitors venture.

We follow the old caravan route from Marrakech over the High Atlas mountains, past UNESCO site Ait Benhaddou, along the Draa river with its Biblical villages and lush palm grove and into the Sahara desert. And since you’re here, why not stop and bake a pie with the village ladies ? After riding a camel and having dinner under the stars, spend the night inside an Erg Chigaga basic or luxury tent.

Then, across the desert, have tea with the nomads and pick up milennia- old fossils. Later on, continue south, with the distinct feeling that you are the first person to ever walk there.  Trekking up a dry river bed to find yourself in the middle of primordial gorges. Century- old granaries, where the village folks still stock their grains, like their ancestors have.


The millennia old rock engravings, portraying wild animals, hunters and some of the first letters of the Berber alphabet.

Then, we head north into the Anti Atlas and spend a night in the highly picturesque village of Tafraoute, a heaven for trekking, hiking and mountain biking. End this tour of Morocco with some pristine Atlantic beaches, before or after reaching the ‘small Marrakech’ – Taroudant. Our 9 day Morocco itinerary concludes in Marrakech or Essaouira. 

One or two days can be added/ subtracted to fit your schedule. We recommend adding one or two days if traveling with children or in winter. 


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