since 2009

Anti Atlas granaries

The granaries of the Anti Atlas of Morocco are unique in the world. 

The igoudars of the Anti Atlas are nothing short of repositories of ancestral culture. Originally erected as a space where the village would stock its grains against possible dangers, a kind of rudimentary bank, along the ages they have come to serve other purposes, chiefly refuges against the incursions of the nomad tribes from the south pushing north in times of great droughts. Thus, some of them still to this day act as impregnable fortresses, where the village would take refuge, capable of withstanding an attack for as long as 2 or 3 months. On a visit a few years back, I’ve come to taste dry carrots which submerged in water for a few hours would rebecome edible, a way to stock provisions for long periods. The igoudars are still guarded by an aamin, which traditionally retains a share of the grains or stocks therein safeguarded as payment for his service. For a symbolic fee, you will be allowed to rove around and witness this vernacular way of life, still very much part of the present.