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  You are right to visit Morocco: despite the flow of visitors, it’s still a culture shock. Takes you right out of your comfort zone. It’s also unique: landscapes, customs, cuisine, local dialects or creative hotels ( and never mind soccer). We’ve been crafting Morocco boutique tours and Morocco luxury tours since 2009 and every few months we get out of the office and jump in the 4×4. Set out to explore for things to do and see. And making that difference is what turned us into one of the best Morocco tour companies. But don’t take our word for is. Browse through the hundreds of web reviews happy guests have left over the years. 

  Heck, we even scouted during the pandemic. Why ? Well, staring at a Mac screen for hours is bad for your sight. Joke apart, who’d want to miss a sunrise over the Sahara or trekking the untamed Atlas ? It never wears off. Over the last 15 years the approach has changed, or better said, calibrated. The properties, sites and experiences on offer strive for a balance between our personal picks and those best rated by our former guests. 

Yes, we’ll show you how a woman cooperative weaves the village life around it in Djebel Bani. Sample a French croissant for breakfast and glamp in a sublime desert camp in the remotest dunes of Chigaga, on one of our Morocco Luxury Tours. Change the day schedule of your private tour on the day itself. Yet, ultimately, it’s the people. The people of Morocco make Morocco worth visiting. And let’s start with our drivers. Majid, Daoud, Moustapha, Mohamed, Amine. Over the years, we toured more than a few routes together, got lost,  and shared many iftars, disillusions and laughs. Ultimately, any one of them is the link between you, the visitor, and the locals. Making a difference.

And to all those encounters along the way. Farida, uncovering the secrets of Fes’s medina. The village ladies with whom you will bake bread in the adobe oven.  The locals restoring their century old agadirs all over Morocco’s south. Ahmed sharing his knowledge of the local flora on the slopes of the Anti Atlas. In a post- pandemic and climate- challenged world, it makes us proud to be able to empower local communities and social projects. But this is hardly a one way street: you, the visitor will come out beguiled, moved, richer. You touring Morocco with Sun Trails, makes it possible for these communities to continue preserving what makes them unique. What makes Morocco unique. That’s what makes us tick.

Morocco. Untold.

What enables us to curate some of the best guided tours of Morocco ? Behind- locked- doors visit of a medina with a local resident. Tea with the nomads on the deserted plateaus of the Anti- Atlas. Private four- seat plane flight over the snowy peaks of 4000- meter high peaks to land next to the dunes of the Sahara. A night in your own private Bedouin tent, immersed in a silence so thick you could cut a strip through it. Bronze- Age rock engravings and eight- century old Berber igoudars, unreachable fortresses where each village family continues to stock their barley and wheat. A tour of the most interesting art galleries in Marrakech with a local gallery owner. Walk through a palm grove and learn about the ingenious khettara irrigation system. Help squeeze olives into oil. At Sun Trails, we're not just another one of Morocco tour companies offering generic Morocco luxury tours. We exceed expectations. We craft one- of- a- kind Morocco travel experiences. So that Morocco travels within you long after you returned home.
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Morocco desert experience

  Sahara desert camp- it this the way to experience Morocco’s desert ?   Although some of the routes were improved recently, you still need about 10 hours drive from

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Travelers Reviews for private Morocco tours

I want to tell you that Amine was just amazing! He could not have been more thoughtful, kind, or helpful! He was personable, always positive, and fun to chat with during our many hours together in the car. It goes without saying that we always felt safe in the car with him driving whether through the hairpin turns of the mountains or the heavy city traffic.  He was also patient to answer my endless questions about the people, places, culture, religion, economy, and many other topics I was curious to learn about! I appreciated that he was flexible and adjusted things as we went to accommodate our preferences.

We wouldn't change anything about our private tour of Morocco. It is definitely a lot of driving, but we wanted to accomplish a trip to the desert in a short amount of time. What we saw was absolutely spectacular and Oualid took excellent care of us. He adapted happily when we wanted to change things up and suggested things to keep 3 teenagers happy. In fact, it was perfect having him with the family and he made the trip for our children. They loved learning from him and having someone other than their parents to interact with. Thank you for everything !!

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Why Sun Trails ?

ON-THE-GROUND MOROCCO TRAVEL SPECIALISTS CRAFTING PRIVATE TOURS OF MOROCCO. Not someone from an office in London or New York outsourcing their tours to local agencies in Morocco. Our team is made

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boutique hotel of the month

Riad Laaroussa, Fes

Riad Laaroussa, our guests’ favorite riad in Fes- the interview. I first passed the doorstep of Riad Laaroussa in 2013 on the occasion of Fes World Sacred Music Festival. I

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