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Morocco Private Tours


Private tailor made tours of Morocco:
Visit a medina with a local university teacher. Fly to the Sahara privately and land next to its dunes. Sip tea with the nomads on the deserted plateaus of the Anti- Atlas. Spend a night in a Bedouin tent, immersed in a silence so thick you could cut a strip through it, under a star- lit sky that you never knew existed. Awe at Bronze- Age rock engravings and eight- century old Berber igoudars, unreachable fortresses where each village family continues to stock their grains.
From a 3-day escapade to a 16-day all encompassing itinerary. There is hardly a country more diverse in landscapes, dialects and local traditions. If Morocco is a canvas, the strokes are Arab, Jewish, Berber, Bedouin, African and European. Morocco is above all an assault on your senses. It’s not world-class museums. Or x thousand years of history. Here, nights smell of cinnamon. Here, what looks like a crumbling house from outside turns out to be a pasha’s palace once you stepped inside. Here, on the back of a camel across the saffron dunes, time expands. Our private Morocco tours achieve that fine balance between activity and rest, simplicity and grandeur, order and spontaneity. Trek the Atlas Mountains or bake bread with the ladies in the village oven. Have tea with the nomads and splurge in a palatial suite of a riad. Let us arrange a private small plane flight to the Sahara and surprise your other half with a picnic lunch on the peak of a dune, just the two of you and the minute instantaneous waterfalls of sand… The itineraries below are mere examples of what you can experience and the list is by no means exhaustive. 
Do you wonder if your tours are private ? We only do private. Most of our guests are either couples or families and the best part with traveling private is being able to change your itinerary on the fly, within reason. Your driving guide is an expert in the traditions, culture and hidden gems of the regions you will explore and there to answer all your questions. Why should you book your Morocco tour with us ? We spend all year round travelling across Morocco, trying out and testing new and established experiences, always on the lookout for hidden gems that make Morocco unique. Only so that we are able to tailor your tour to you and you only. We believe that a great local travel designer not only books you the best accommodations and experiences but is equally up to date with the latest restaurant openings, glamping camps, weather changes or delayed flights. Is there a ‘best time to visit Morocco‘ ? Depends on what you dream of. The most popular places to visit in Morocco are as important as its off the beaten track locations and experiences. Traveling to Morocco with children is entirely different from a Morocco honeymoon. Glamping in a luxury desert camp in the Sahara as opposed to trekking Morocco’s several over- 4000 meter high snowy peaks. We’ll listen to your ideas and share our local knowledge. But first, see what startles your imagination. Then contact us and let us create something you’ll remember for the years to come. 

Sun Trails – Casablanca – Fez – Erg Chebbi – Marrakech – Essaouira: 10- 12 days

A Morocco private tour over 10 to 12 days: imperial cities, the Sahara & Atlantic coast. Land of the Setting Sun ( 10- 12 days) A classical Morocco itinerary including off-the-beaten-track sites & experiences.   Centuries ago, caravans laden with gold, ivory and feathers were delivering their loads at the sultan’s palace in Marrakech and …

Sun Trails – Casablanca – Fez – Erg Chebbi – Marrakech – Essaouira: 10- 12 days Read More »


Presently we only accept bookings for tours starting mid November and later, as we are fully booked in September and October. We have limited availabilities for NYE holidays. As accommodation is getting scarce, we recommend to book your tour rather soon.