since 2009

Anti Atlas

A one day or half a day trek in the desert of stone.

There are plenty of trekking opportunities in the Anti Atlas, from a couple of hours to 3 or even 4 day treks. The best time of year is between November and April but come in January and you’re almost guaranteed temperatures north of 25 Celsius in the afternoon. Here it rains even less than in most of Morocco, where the average is 10 – 15 days a year. Dramatic canyons bordering see- through natural pools, barren ridges, wild palm groves, goat droves and shepherdesses, prehistoric rock engravings, gazelles, picnic lunches under argan trees, the most hospitable Berbers, century- old granaries are but some of the highlights here. But most importantly, the distinct feeling that you are the first person to ever walk here. And that’s not little.