since 2009

What we support

berber children

In keeping with our commitment to the local community, 1 % of all our receipts is donated to Education for All Morocco supporting the education of girls in the rural communities in the High Atlas Mountains.

Very few of these girls get the chance to continue their education after primary school. The colleges are not accessible to them for three main reasons:

  1. Their parents cannot afford to pay for lodgings.
  2. Their parents do not have the confidence in any of the facilities to entrust their daughters to be away from their rural communities.
  3. The colleges are inaccessible and often far away from the rural villages.

To help tackle this, Education For All has constructed several boarding houses for girls from rural communities to enable them to continue with their studies. The girls are looked after by a housemother and are provided with food, some clothing and school materials.

As you will appreciate, the ongoing costs of such a project are considerable.

How we are helping

We are very happy and proud to be involved in the ongoing sponsorship of Education For All. We believe every child has the right to an education and consider the work of Education For All to be an important initiative to enable young girls to continue their secondary eductaion. This is a basic human right that is so often denied to many girls the world over.

How you can help

We would also like to ask you to consider sponsorship in some way.

Firstly, for more detailed information about the work of Education For All, please visit their website at and then please consider one of these two options:

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