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Gems of Morocco’s North



A custom tour of Morocco reveals a country of many faces. A trip to the south will show you the life of the desert, Berber history and a culture that has thrived in a beautiful, but harsh landscape. A trip to the Imperial cities will give you a taste of city life in Morocco, old and new, traditional and colonially influenced. Northern Morocco offers something entirely different. 

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Along the Atlantic coast, nestled between Tangiers and Rabat, sits a small beach town. Asilah boasts a quaint medina made up of white-washed walls marked only by the colorful murals left over from the city’s annual arts festival. Wander through the town’s winding streets and catch glimpses of beautiful coastline or stumble upon artists’ stalls filled with drawings, paintings and sculptures.

Asilah was built as a port city for the Spanish colonial government in present day Northern Morocco. In Asilah, this Spanish heritage can still be felt as people in the streets speak to each other in Spanish, restaurants serve dishes like Paella, and old Spanish buildings still stand. One of these buildings, an old white church, standing tall over the surrounding city, welcomes visitors through its doors. Allow one of the nuns to lead you around the interior of the space, explaining the history of the place and the current function of the church within modern day Morocco.

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Beyond the walls of the medina and the sprawling streets of the new city, visitors may take a nice hike out to Paradise beach. The walk takes you along a few miles of rocky coastline that offers spectacular views. Walk along small cliffs and find sheep and goats grazing in patches of green grass and watch fishermen casting long lines out into the sea along rocky shoreline. The walk is well worth the extra effort.

Once at Paradise beach, soft sands welcome visitors to stay awhile to enjoy the view of sunlight against the water, creating a beautiful sparkling coastline. Nestled among small cliffs and large hills, the beach seems in a world of its own. Explore its nearby caves, enjoy tea at a small beach stand or go for a dip in the ocean and discover what secrets lie waiting in Asilah.


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Chefchaouen has become an iconic destination in Morocco, as people head out in search of its picturesque medina awash in shades of blue. It is hard to ignore the beauty of this little city, settled in a distant corner of the Rif Mountains. A little cooler, and a lot greener than people typically picture Morocco being, Chefchaouen offers something different.

It is easy to feel relaxed in this city, which has been painted blue since the 15th century when Jewish refugees fleeing the Spanish Inquisition settled here. The color of the city, combined with the quiet atmosphere and cool mountain air creates a feeling of calm that can be difficult to find during travels abroad.

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Chefchaouen’s incredibly unique medina captures the hearts of travelers. Climb up stairways and pass through narrow alleys. Find a quiet stream, sit in the main square and drink a tea, visit the Kasbah, or simply allow yourself to get lost as you look through shops, visit the local markets and seek out tucked away cafes. No matter what you find, a visit to “the blue city” is truly unforgettable.

But Chefchaouen has more to offer than a beautiful medina and peaceful atmosphere. The city’s location within the Rif mountains makes it the perfect place to hike. Walk just a short thirty minutes up to the Spanish mosque for a beautiful view over the city and watch the sunset over the mountains. Or try a longer climb to one of the nearby peaks for even more breathtaking views.

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If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can take a short cab ride deeper into the mountains and take one of the more intensive hikes to Akchour falls or the Bridge of God. Family members of all ages will find something to impress and amaze. On these walks you will find green forest, stunning vistas, and destinations that will fulfill your wildest dreams. Look out for monkeys in trees and little lizards scurrying over rocks.

The waterfalls themselves are absolutely breath-taking. Take a dip in the cold, clear water and stand right beneath the falls, in an experience that will leave you feeling both incredibly small and completely awestruck. You do not want to miss out on these amazing treks through the mountains and you certainly should not pass up the opportunity to explore Chefchaouen, and all that this iconic mountain town encompasses.

Moulay Idriss

Just a few short hours from Fez, this small town sits spread over two hills and surrounded by vast expanses of picaresque green farmland. Mousey Idriss, named for the man who brought Islam to Morocco, has become an important pilgrimage site for Moroccan muslims.

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During the festival honoring Moulay Idriss, religious pilgrims fill the tiny town to visit his tomb. Though non-Muslims cannot enter the burial site, they can peak in to see the beautiful structure. Just outside, in the main square, you will find little stalls selling religious souvenirs to people who travel from all across Morocco to be here.

During the rest of the year, this tiny town lights up as a quaint and quiet spot to experience the simplicity of life in Morocco. Spend evenings in the square eating delicious spiced kefta, or ground beef, the region is known for. Watch children play games while parents sit chatting and get a sense for what life in Morocco looks like outside of the tourist hubs.

The medina of Moulay Idriss has a sort of quiet beauty. The walls have been painted by the local children, different colors for different neighborhoods. Surrounded by pale blues, greens, and yellows, you will fall in love with the simplicity of life here.

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From Moulay Idriss, you can walk along a nearby mountain ridge to Volubilis, a partially excavated Roman city from 3 B.C. Here you can take a step back in history, standing beneath traditional Roman columns and taking a close look at beautiful mosaic floor patterns original to the ancient city. The beauty of the space is to be able to walk among the ruins, touch the stones, and pass through crumbling structures.

The area surrounding Moulay Idriss is truly enchanting. For the best views of the city, climb to the top of one of its hills to the panoramic terrace, and look out over the town. Watching the sun descend over Moulay Idriss , it’s hard to imagine yourself anywhere else in the world.

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A look at the North of Morocco will give you a taste of Spanish heritage, lush green landscapes and amazing little towns that will make you wish you could stay indefinitely. Diverse and beautiful, calm and quaint, there is so much to explore beyond the immediate reach of Marrakech. If you are taking a private tour of Morocco, make sure to include these on your itinerary.

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Zach TobinZach Tobin
22:16 29 Jan 23
Traveling alone internationally with a 7-year-old for the first time had me a bit nervous, but Sun Trails made our week-long visit to Morocco a flawless and unforgettable experience (we toured the south of the country). Daoud was an exceptional driver through all sorts of terrain while also being so kind, patient, and personable to my daughter and me. The accommodations, food, and activities throughout were excellent in terms of value. I would recommend Sun Trails to anyone who is looking to have an incredible time in Morocco.
gosia lukomskagosia lukomska
13:46 29 Jan 23
We had the trip of a lifetime with Cristian's company. We feel like we made life long friends with his amazing guides who are knowledgeable, kind, and excellent at their profession. The hotels that he chose were boutique gems and our itinerary was so well executed. We even had some surprise desert picnics! The attention to detail and level of customer service surpassed our expectations. I would highly recommend anyone visiting Morocco to do so with this company.
Henri OrmusHenri Ormus
19:43 15 Jan 23
We had a great off-the-beaten-track experience with our guides Majid, Daoud, Leila and rest of the crew. The whole trip was well organized and our wishes were handled with care. Our group of adventurers got some very real local experience. We had too many interesting experiences to describe but of course the Western Sahara desert hike was superb (but I would recommend definitely 3 days instead of 2 days what we did) but actually the best was the hike in the deserty mountains with staying overnight in large tent carried by donkey... beautiful landscapes, very different actually, over the hills and through the valleys and dried-out rivers. One evening dinner was a goat bought from local nomads once arrived at the camping site. End of the hike was beautiful pools of water to swim in. Thank you Sun-Trails crew, it was great! Henri from Estonia
Rob MRob M
22:51 27 Dec 22
I highly recommend Sun Trails for your Morocco adventure. Our guide, Mustafa, was top notch and an incredibly fun and knowledgeable person for our 6-day journey from Marrakesh to Fes (via Merzouga). Sun Trails has some fantastic vehicles that can get you through the toughest terrain (including through sand dunes). The staff seem to know someone or something cool to see (or something delicious to eat) in just about every town on your journey. We felt safe and secure with our wonderful guide and friend. Yes, a private tour with Sun Trails is going to cost a bit more than the ones you may stumble across online. But trust me when I say you get what you pay for with Sun Trails. I’ve already recommended them several times to friends and strangers.
Kristi HarmarKristi Harmar
08:09 03 May 22
I wish I could give this review more than 5 stars. We are doing a world tour - and this trip with Suntrails (with Daoud as our guide) is by far the highlight of the entire trip. We did a 4 day tour to the Erg Chigaga dunes in the Sahara and it was incredible. The accommodations, sights and car were great but what made this trip so amazing for us was our guide, Daoud. In order to see the things we wanted, we had several long days in the car and we did the trip with 2 small children (2 and 5). Daoud was fantastic with our kids - playing with them and entertaining them and the kids are still asking me to see him 2 months later.We decided on the "dreamer" level of accommodation with an upgrade to a luxury tent for the night in the Sahara. I deliberated a lot about which level/price point to choose but what we chose was perfect. The tagines were amazing and the riads were beautiful. Cristian took care (and a lot of emails) to help me include everything I requested out of this trip: camel riding, adventure off the beaten track, hiking to a kasbah, etc. Our guide, Daoud even walked to the next closest desert camp to find us a sand board one morning.I could go on and on about this experience but I will just say that I have recommended it to anyone I have spoken to about Morocco. I never repeat trips but I am planning a future trip to come back to Morocco just to do another trip with Suntrails to explore more of the country off the beaten track.


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