Morocco cookery classes and tasting tours for the gourmand traveler.

Praised by many as one of the finest in the world, Moroccan cuisine hardly needs an introduction. Almost everyone has eaten in a Moroccan restaurant at least once, in his / her country of origin. And liked it. Well, it only gets better when you eat it locally. Tagine, couscous, bstilla, rfia, msemen, bgrir, cornes de gazelle, amlou, so many delicacies to choose from . To not mention that the local wines have risen up to notoriety, being now exported to Australia and the US. The last decade has also witness a rise in the number of ‘food travel’, where foodies from all over the world travel to other countries to savor different dishes from its regions. Thus, more and more visitors to Morocco want to get involved and not only sample the different dishes but get their hands dirty and cook as well. Recently, we’ve introduced wine tasting and local cheese sampling.

Cooking inside a local home
Souk Cuisine
Village Markets
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