Taragalt Festival

A great Little music festival on the edge of the Sahara.

Having attended a few editions prior, the festival was put off during the pandemic and is now back again. Together with the Fes World Music Festival, this must be one of our favorite festivals in Morocco. Whereas the former sees a decent amount of big names every year, you won’t necessarily see any here. What you get is a candid, unpretentious gathering of great little bands from Western Africa ( Ghana, Mali, Congo or Mauritania), Morocco’s best desert rock groups, intrepid music fans traveling from Europe and further afield, locals from Mhamid and Zagora coming to dance to the hypnotic rhythms and young Moroccans hitch- hiking their way from every corner of Morocco for a 3 day very special ambiance. Mornings dedicated to workshops and local crafts and culture and afternoons/ nights dedicated to music. Normally held in October/ November. Try and include it in your Morocco tour, if your dates coincide. You won’t regret it.