since 2009


A country where Berbers, Arabs, Europeans, Jews and Africans have lived together for centuries can only be rich with musical traditions. However, Moroccan music is not as documented as in other African countries. Recent years have seen the rise of major festivals, Gnawa music festival ( July) in Essaouira, Sacred World Music festival ( June) in Fes, Mawazine festival ( June ) Rabat, Taragalte festival ( October) in Mhamid, Timitar festival ( July) in Agadir, are among the most popular. Outside these festivals, it is rather difficult to find Moroccan music being played, unelss you are invited into a marriage or other private ceremonies. Recently, small local initiatives have tried to bring this music to the general public, tourists and locals together. We are constantly looking for venues where you can sample local music. It may be that during your tour, you will come upon a village feast, moussem or marriage and you may be invited to partake, but these moments happen on a spontaneous basis and can’t be planned in advance.


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