Morocco Travel Tips - MOROCCO AND SAFETY


Despite being in Africa, Morocco is a very tolerant and safe country. Pick pocketing and petty theft is very low and it is probably safer for your belongings to walk Jemaa El Fna square than the Ramblas in Barcelona. Moroccans are very willing to help and in general understand a few words in English, although if you can use French you are much better off. Although sharing borders with Algeria and Mauritania, there has never been any case of a foreigner being kidnapped. 

Sadly, terrorist attacks have become an every- day reality in 2016 and they are likely to occur any place around the globe. Morocco has taken important measures against it, creating in 2015 the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation dubbed 'Morocco's FBI'. Security measures have been reinforced with scanning devices installed at every hotel and shopping mall and small groups of police forces patrolling the streets of the main cities.