since 2009

Dar Roumana, Fes

Stunning Riad and restaurant in Fes run by all- Moroccan team. 

Dar Roumana is among some of the finest riads in Fes. Why would you stay here ? First of all, the looks. Think high panelled ceilings, ornate stucco window arches, finely carved shutters over stained glass windows and beautifully patterned floor tiling, the epitome of Moroccan crafts. Four of suites are spread on the first floor with the Roumana Suite on the ground floor. Location is not ideal but you’d be a fool to trade that for the view from the roof terrace if you stayed closer to Talaa Kbira. Besides, finding your way back is part of the charm of the medina, a place where you literally travel in time and you won’t find many tourists in this neighborhood.

Then, there’s the team. After being managed by an American and an Australian, Dar Roumana is now run by a local Moroccan team. Zak and Simo are your hosts, they ooze Moroccan hospitality and pay attention to the smallest detail, a combination rarely met in Morocco. Finally, there’s the restaurant: still among the best dining in Fez, even after Vincent left. Younes is now the Head Chef of the restaurant, masterminding an array of dishes on location, mostly Mediterranean with Moroccan influences and always organic ingredients of the day. Alcohol is available on site. Best visited all year round.