since 2009

Roulidane Waterfalls

A day trek from Imlil to pristine waterfalls at 2500 meters high.

With an 800 meter elevation gain, this one is not for the faint of hearts. Better start early if you don’t want to miss your lunch in the village. If you start from Imlil, you will first need to make your way up to the western mountain pass. That’s going to get your heart pumping. And then some. On the other side, it’s going to be remoteness as you’ll leave the groves of tourists behind in Imlil. Shepherd dens, mountain streams, terraced hamlets, a hearty lunch with freshly baked bread and ultimately, the waterfalls, spraying off a cliff at 2500 meters altitude. The few souls on the way will all invite you in for tea. The last bit you are likely to trot knee deep in snow. Forecast at least 8- 9 hours for the trek, lunch and various stops. This trek is best done from March to November.