since 2009

Around Skoura

An easy trek around Skoura at the foothills of High Atlas. 

A great way to spend half a day just one hour drive from Skoura. Have your driver drop you off at the top of the valley and then pick you up at the other end. We crossed beatiful gardens where almonds were in bloom, walked by the river, on a carpet of dead leaves, and wondered at deserted kasbahs slowly returning to the soil they had been molded from. We barely met anyone on the way, but somehow had the constant feeling of being watched from a distance. The old lady we crossed in the last village, invited us in for tea. An easy walk, but so rewarding. If you crave something more intense, have your driver take you up to 3000 meters high in the shade of the Mgoun peaks and Brahim, the local guide, will have you discover villages where locals still grind the wheat by water mills and time has stood still for centuries. The area also attracts nomads that come for the weekly souk to sell a goat or two so ask your driver to introduce you to one such family. This trek is best done all year round. In summer, go up in altitude to enjoy the fresh air.