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Local Crafts

An immersion into the Moroccan artcraft, at your own pace and skills.

World renowned for its craftsmanship, Morocco is one of the few countries in the world where ancient traditions have not only survived into the present, but more importantly are part of every day’s life and culture. Young Moroccan mothers still make it a habit to travel to the medina a few times a year to purchase henna and a pair of babouches, or to order a tailor made kaftan. Moroccan newly weds head to the the woodworking district where most of the work is made by hand to order their furniture. The zellij or bejmat tiling is still highly popular with well off Moroccans wishing to embelish their fountains and pools. And you are welcome to try your hand at some of these crafts. We have selected here the most authentic ones, accommpanied by a hostess or host that speak English.

Babouche class

Babouche class

Moroccan slippers, a staple of Moroccan craftsmanship. Quite practical,...