El Malara, Tafraoute

The exquisite bed & breakfast that Tafraoute was missing.

Until not so long ago, Tafraoute was mostly popular with hitch hikers, hippies and other backpackers. And the accommodations available were, well… not luxurious. Besides the Soviet- looking Hotel des Amandiers ( to its credit, you could get a glass of whisky at the bar for 3 euros- unheard of in Morocco), opened in the 1950’s, it was mostly gites. I had met Jean and Bernadette back in 2014 while I was touring the south of Morocco, when El Malara was merely half built. A retired French couple, they both loved Tafraoute and its area and thought Tafraoute was missing on some decent accommodation.

The spot they chose to build their guesthouse from ground- up is stunning, overlooking the valley, just a few miles from the painted rocks. The 9 rooms are spread on two floors, tastefully designed with central heating/ air conditioning. Deck- chairs complement the generous pool, usable most of the year, given the local climate. The cuisine is generously Moroccan with Jean overlooking the cooking and always adding a French touch. The staff is local and compensate with their hospitality anything that may get lost in translation. Great soft treks available from the guesthouse into the surroundings. Local beer and wine are available on site. Best visited all year round.