Dar Infiane, Tata

Ancient noble abode in Tata converted in guesthouse. 

If you missed our interview with Patrick, the owner, Dar Infiane is quite unlike any other guest house in Morocco. A 500 year old noble house built on top of a douar ( hamlet) it overlooks the palm grove of Tata, once a flourishing caravan trade post. And that view alone is worth the price of admission ( or the strenous rows of stairs to get there). Hidden passages, low ceiling rooms, miniature windows, nooks and crannies make it a hide- and- seek heaven for children and adults alike. One can but wonder how in the world did Patrick and Francine, the owners that restored the house in 2001, managed to install A/C and hot water in the rooms and a fully functional kitchen. Not everything is perfect. The bed linen and towels could use an update, the staff speaks a minimum of English and there is no one to help with the luggage up and down the stairs. But you’d be a fool to stay anywhere else in Tata. Or around it. I still picture that overhanging roof terrace at dawn when the heat is finally steaming off and the ladies come out to chat on their terraces below. You feel part of a ritual that has gone on unchanged for centuries and for a while, surrender to the passage of time. Best visited from September to May. Beer and wine available on site.