Casa Juan, Tagounite

A guesthouse on the edge of the Sahara: eclectic and hospitable.

Juan, an international photographer, wanted to blend his love of photography, India and the Sahara and Casa Juan is the offspring. In the middle of nowhere, this is as remote as you can get, on the edge of the Sahara. Given the coordinates, it is hard to imagine you’d find a manager that speaks fluent English. Or refined Moroccan cuisine. Yet, you do. Finding the place is like a treasure hunt and your luggage is carried to your room by donkey. You will truly appreciate having a 4×4 here as you’ll need to cross a few small dunes to make it to the house. I’ve hardly ever stayed in a hotel where the names of the rooms totally summed up their respective names: Africa, India … From the rooms and the public areas, it transpires that the owner has travelled all over the world and decorated the spaces with some sublime photos and very rare artefacts. Abdel , Hamid and the rest of the team could not make you feel more welcome. Just climb those stairs and come out on the roof terrace to awe at the setting sun over the palm grove and the dunes… Best visited from October to May, especially for Taragalt festival.