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Tinmel Mosque

The mosque of Tinmel is a historical monument you can visit.

The unassuming village of Tinmel, some 2 hours drive from Marrakech into the High Atlas mountains, is the birthplace of the one of the most salient dynasties of Morocco: the Almohads. We are in the 12th century and Marrakech sits at the center of an empire that spreads from the north of present- day Ghana to Toledo, Spain in the north and Tripoli, Libya in the east. Nevertheless, the reigning Almoravid dynasty has gradually entered its dawn. The coarseness and puritanism of the first few years of reign have diluted in a court- life of comfort and luxuries. Spurred by a common urge to reestablish ‘the righteous Islam’, an alliance of Berber tribes from the High Atlas is going to rise from here, Tinmel, and conquer Marrakech and then Andalusia. At the apex of their reign, the Almohads order the construction of a monumental mosque to celebrate their birthplace, largely inspired by the mosque of Cordoba, Spain. Although time has doubtlessly left its mark on the brick and adobe architecture, many of the original features still endure and the local guide will uncover the magic of the place in fluent English. 


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