since 2009

Erg Chebbi basic camp

Spartan yet clean, private Bedouin tents in the dunes.

With the advent of group tours from China and Spain travelling to Merzouga, it has become more and more difficult to find a camp private enough in the nearby Erg Chebbi dunes. After all, spending a night in the Sahara is the main reason why one would visit Morocco. You sure don’t want to spend that special night in a camp where quad bikes are passing by, overhear music from the next camp, or the dogs barking from the village. Our choice for the basic camp finds itself deep in the dunes, a cluster of a dozen tents grouped in a circle, with one tent where dinner is served together. Think Spartan, yet clean, private tents. Queen size proper beds and mattresses are complemented by clean sheets and blankets. Extra blankets are provided if necessary in the winter months. Alcohol is not available on site.


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